Sports Dens are the New Trend for Basement Remodels - Michael Gould

Sports Dens are the New Trend for Basement Remodels

Unused basements tend to become filled with every old and unwanted item in the house from discarded gym equipment, outdated furniture and especially childhood memorabilia. Unfortunately, this precious square footage often becomes a scary wasteland that nobody really wants to enter – and not to mention occupied by dust! Other people have transformed their basement into another bedroom, home theater or even a music auditorium, but what if none of those ideas are for you? Introducing the sports den. Top notch sports rooms are becoming the growing trend of 2019

Michael Gould Architect Builders sees a large basement as a great opportunity for creating a sports room because it provides an out-of-the-way spot where you can get as loud as you want without disturbing the rest of the household. A basement remodel will afford you the possibility to set up a cool spot to enjoy the big game with a large group of friends and family. For the full experience, consider setting up multiple televisions and a quality sound system. Technology is advancing faster than ever, which means you can follow every play on an HD screen and hear the commentator’s every word with Hollywood quality sound! Many homeowners opt for voice controls set up through popular systems such as Alexa to make the experience even simpler. A sports room goes hand in hand with other amenities, such as a fully stocked bar or a gaming area. Consider including a ping-pong or a pool table to add to the fun and competition during commercial breaks! Build a kitchenette where you can whip up sandwiches or grab a cool beverage mid-game instead of having to keep going upstairs when you need a snack.

Midwest Latest Basement Craze Prompts Remodels: Sports Dens - Michael Gould

Sports fans across Chicagoland are passionate about creating creative rooms for celebrating their favorite teams (Cubs, Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, White Sox, etc). Die hard fans find creative ways to fly the W flag. A McHenry County man shows off what he believes is “easily the No. 1 Cubs cave in the world” on the premiere of the new Netflix series “Amazing Interiors.” It took four years to convert Stewart McVicar’s 2,300-square-foot Lake in the Hills basement into “Club 400,” which is named for the 400 sign on the center-field wall of Wrigley Field. The clubhouse features an organ used at Wrigley, a life-size Anthony Rizzo bobblehead and a TV above the urinal so no one misses a pitch. His collection has over 500 baseballs, over 100 bats, over 50 jerseys all signed. Now that’s a proper sports den!

Sports dens are also popular in Illinois due to our constantly unpredictable weather. It’s often easier to celebrate at home watching the big game rather than driving downtown (in the traffic) to one of the ballparks where it may end up raining or snowing.

Families are investing in their own sports bars rather than going into the city because it’s a great way to entertain guests on a budget, it’s less hassle and stress for families with small kids, and you avoid massive crowds and long commutes. Win-win for everyone! Another bonus to remodeling your basement is that you get to enjoy the exciting process of designing it with Michael Gould to truly customize your sports den your way – even add your favorite custom craft brews! Building your sports den in the summer will have you ready for football season and basketball season.

Midwest Latest Basement Craze Prompts Remodels: Sports Dens - Michael Gould

Imagine the joy of creating a themed sports room to show off your love of Chicago teams and have a sweet space to hangout with the people you care about most. We highly recommend that you allow space for adequate storage and comfortable seating. A basement remodel will add a personal touch to your beloved home and enhance your quality of life. Did we mention the monetary benefits? Investing in a themed finished basement will also increase the value of your home in case you choose to sell later on. 

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