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4 Reasons Summer is the Perfect Time for Home Renovations

As summer approaches, a brand new renovation project aligns perfectly with the themes of freshness and new activity. Although other times of the year often spark renovations as well to spruce up your home, we’re sharing the top 4 reasons why summer is the most popular time to renovate…

Exceptional Weather

Chicago’s weather is much more predictable and consistent throughout summer than the other fluctuating three seasons. Fewer weather delays increase the renovation crew’s ability to complete the job on time and on budget. If kitchen remodeling is the summer project, a key advantage to warmer weather is the opportunity to grill and cook outside, away from the construction zone. Being without a kitchen is hard enough on a family but imagine it during inclement weather when options and schedules are busier.

Less Hassle

Planning summer renovations opens up the opportunity to escape the disruption of living in the middle of a renovation project. Instead, enjoy a well-deserved family summer vacation and return relaxed and refreshed to a newly updated home. Creating wonderful memories together instead of cultivating unpleasant experiences.

A summer renovation project eliminates the stress of having to navigate your normal schedule. Imagine the simplicity of not having to keep up with the day-to-day routine of getting the kids off to school and their activities amidst the chaos of renovations.

Time to Settle In

Starting a summer renovation project provides you with plenty of time to settle in before the chaos of the fall starts. If you’re thinking seriously about a kitchen renovation, then definitely consider a summer renovation.  Reorienting yourself with the updated kitchen before the new school semester, lunches need to be packed, and extracurricular activities kick off will ease definitely make the transition easier.

Holiday Ready

A summer home remodeling project also gives you an ample margin to be ready to host family gatherings in the fall. The holiday season is hectic and frantic from Halloween into the New Year. Your home will now be ready to entertain, capture photos, and make some special memories.

What renovation services does Michael Gould offer?

Michael Gould specializes in home additions, kitchen remodels, brightening up your space with a fresh coat of paint or even sprucing up your floors. Close your eyes and imagine…a home addition which would provide more space for your family while also adding value. Building a sunroom, a first floor master, or a family room has supporting research which shows that these type of renovations add value and functionality to your home. If you’re looking for solutions to a home that is getting harder to navigate, then this summer provides the perfect opportunity for Michael Gould to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Let’s start planning your summer renovation, call Michael today: (847) 291-6777!