The Goulden Touch

One Point of Contact to Ensure a Perfect Outcome

  1. As both Architect and Builder, Michael ensures a smooth transition from drawings through project completion.
  2. Michael takes full accountability. There is no finger pointing or arguing between contractors.
  3. There are no miscommunications because Michael manages all aspects of the project. There is no sales person, no project manager, and you never have to deal with a contractor.
  4. Michael is easy to get a hold of. In fact, he talks to his clients daily, sometimes several times a day, during their project.
Michael Gould - Architect Builder - Goulden Touch

On Time and On Budget with No Surprises, Really!

  1. With the scrutiny of an architect, the budget requirements are determined and followed.
  2. Michael’s projects are on time. In fact, more often than not, Michael is ahead of schedule.
  3. With Michael there are no surprises, but don’t believe this, hear from his clients.
  4. Michael Gould is a man of his word. Period.
Michael Gould - Architect Builder - Goulden Touch

Intense Listener to Understand the Needs and Wants of His Clients

  1. Michael is a powerful listener to understand and deliver what his clients want.
  2. With his tremendous experience, he always has suggestions and feedback to make it better.
  3. Careful analysis and critical thinking is applied to every concern so Michael derives the best, most cost-effective solution.
Michael Gould - Architect Builder - Goulden Touch

How Michael Works to Save You Money

  1. On-site supervising all aspects of project
  2. Direct buyer of plumbing fixtures and appliances
  3. Directly manages contractors and third parties so there is no added costs
Michael Gould - Architect Builder - Goulden Touch

Call Michael at (847) 291-6777 to get started on your project today!