Growing Family? Changing Needs? Home Addition Solutions for You! - Michael Gould

Growing Family? Changing Needs? Home Addition Solutions for You!

Is your home beginning to feel cramped? Are you expecting a new baby? Outgrowing your beloved home doesn’t  need to warrant the headache of house hunting! Instead, upgrade your current home to meet your family’s changing needs by building an addition. Expanding your home adds value, maximizes your living space, and improves a family’s overall quality of life. Let’s say you need an extra room for a nursery, a space for a home office, a dedicated room to exercise during the winter months, or a guest bedroom, Michael Gould Architect Builders has a creative addition solution personalized for YOU!

Adding a Nursery Suite

Growing families need to accommodate for your newest addition. Building a nursery suite onto your existing home provides an exciting opportunity to create a very personal space dedicated to your sweet, little bundle of joy. When you decide to build a nursery addition to your home you also have the ability to design a safe space for a baby. The project is extremely rewarding. Planning, picking and choosing the design so the room is adaptable as the baby grows into a toddler. Check out these tips for designing the perfect nursery from Houzz.

Growing With Your Dream House - Michael Gould

Adding a Home Office

Enlarging your living space and improving your quality of life is often enhanced by creating a home office. Have you ever found yourself hunched over the island in the kitchen or distracted by loud noises around the house? Michael Gould will help you design the most creative and efficient workspace for increased productivity for working remotely. Imagine a quiet workspace away from community areas like the kitchen table or family room… Michael is a powerful listener and knows how to deliver his clients a serene space without interruptions which will encourage excellent workflow. Projects are completed on time and in the most cost-effective manner!

Adding an Exercise Room

Is your treadmill taking up half of your family room? Are free weights collecting dust in the corner of your home office? Adding an exercise room devoted to staying in shape will help you maximize the space, promote healthy living, and conveniently get your workouts done without leaving your house. Another perk to building an in-home fitness space is that you are able to exercise at your own convenience regardless of weather, busy schedules and nap times. Michael Gould has seen it all. Clients love his expertise and design vision. Feeling inspired to create a dedicated exercise space? Check out these 10 design tips as you prepare to talk with Michael.

Adding a Guest Bedroom

Whether you are in need of more space to host family from out of town or you’d like to use an extra room as an Airbnb, it’s important to be aware of all the needs of your overnight guests. By adding a guest suite to your home, you are providing comfort and privacy for the house guests, making them feel comfortable. Extra space means everyone sleeps in their own beds and has the privacy of using their own bathrooms.

Home Additions with Michael Gould

Whether your family is growing or your physical needs have changed, Michael Gould will architect and build a creative home addition that meets the needs of your family. Homeowners consistently choose Michael because they love the benefit of working directly with one person from start to finish. With his expertise in architecture and building, he can properly plan the redesign and addition for your home to fit your current needs – on time AND on budget!

Call Michael to begin building your home addition: (847) 291-6777!