Build a Home Addition or Buy a New House - Which is a Better Option? Michael Gould Architect Builder

Build a Home Addition or Buy a New House – Which is a Better Option?

When you purchased your home, it was just the right size. Over time, however, our needs and situations change. If your current home has become too small to accommodate a growing family, an aging parent who is moving in with you or a major lifestyle change, it’s time to consider whether to expand your current living space or move into a more spacious home. Numerous factors, financial as well as emotional, will influence your decision to stay where you are or move.

Here are a few major reasons why building a home addition might be the better option:

A home addition provides YOUR customized solution

It’s challenging to find a house that offers everything you want. You may have to compromise on one or more of your requirements: size, layout, location, price, availability date or other factors. A custom-designed addition gives you the home of your dreams, with features and amenities built exactly to your specifications.

Stay where you are comfortable

A home addition is an ideal solution if continuity and stability are high priorities for you and your family. You get the home of your dreams without leaving a beloved home and community. Why leave rooms full of fun memories behind if you don’t have to?

Avoid the costs of selling a home

Before you can put your current home on the market, you’ll probably have to spend money on small or not-so-small repairs and cosmetic enhancements. Another possible expense is hiring a staging service to enhance the appeal of your home. When your house does sell, you’ll have to pay the broker’s commission, which usually total between 5% and 6% of the selling price. All of those factors will add up!

Dodge the high stress of moving

Any change can be stressful, but moving is considered one of the most stressful events people experience. Relocating disrupts the flow of everyday life: it takes time to coordinate the logistics of moving and costs money to pay for a multitude of moving-related services. Last-minute, unexpected complications can further increase an already stressful time. Humans are creatures of habit and it’s often difficult to adjust our lives in a major way – especially for the elderly.

Save money from redecorating a whole new house

When choosing a new home, there’s a good chance you’ll want to make changes to make it your own, this can range from refreshing paint to replacing fixtures and appliances throughout the house to customize it to your taste and needs. Starting from scratch is a huge project in itself!

Choosing to build a home addition will save you time, money & stress! Plus, there are countless advantages to working with Architect & Builder Michael Gould. He is easy to get a hold of, truly listens to your needs, and completes projects on time!
Michael Gould specializes in designing creative home additions that cost LESS and finish FASTER.
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