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Home Renovations to Prepare for Aging in Place

Do you feel the stairs becoming increasingly difficult to climb each night? Are the door handles and hardware around your home causing unnecessary pain in your hands? Would a curbless shower and no skid surface make bathing less stressful? Whether you are planning for aging in place, or you’re caring for a parent who may have trouble navigating your home in the years to come, it’s never too early to begin making home renovations now that will make life every day living beyond retirement much easier and safer, allowing you to stay in the comfort of your home!

If the stairs are becoming a challenge, or you see them as a future hazard: One solution is creating a first-floor master bedroom suite. By creating a master bedroom on the first floor, you or your loved ones will maintain independence and feel secure by not avoiding the challenge up walking upstairs. As you plan your home to age in place, small changes such as conveniently placing the washer/dryer, full bathroom, and a bedroom on the ground level will set you & your loved ones up long term success.

If the bathroom is becoming a risk every time you enter the shower, or if you’re afraid of a slip/fall accident: Consider remodeling the space as a precaution. Making changes – such as adding grab bars added to the shower and tub, easy to access cabinetry, no skid surfaces, curbless showers, step-in tubs, and higher toilets – will lower the risk of falling significantly! By creating a bathroom with these design features in mind, you (or your parents) can maintain privacy and independence.

If day-to-day tasks are becoming more difficult, like reaching the electrical outlets or squeezing a walker through a doorway: There are simple changes you can implement in your home to make life easier! A few ideas: lowering the cabinetry throughout the home to make it easier to find items and put them away without straining a muscle, adding additional bright lighting to make it easier on the eyes, lowering light switches, elevating electric outlets to avoid bending down to those hard to reach spots, and widening existing doorways to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.

Home Renovations to Prepare for Aging in Place - Michael Gould Architect Builders

Benefits of Working with Michael Gould

One of the many benefits of working with Michael Gould is that he is an architect, builder, and an older gentleman himself. He is able to understand not only the financial investment of modifying your cherished home, but also the physical requirements needed when it comes to senior home solutions for aging in place. Another benefit of working with Michael is that he’s known for completing projects on time AND on budget. With just one point of contact, communication is simple. There won’t be any miscommunication because Michael manages all aspects of the project. There is no sales person, no project manager, and you never have to deal with a contractor. Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of working with Michael Gould!

“What really sets you apart is your accessibility, responsiveness, and desire for the homeowner to be happy throughout the entire project. I can’t think of anyone else I know that can say they went through an extensive project like ours without one single headache.”
– Sharon Z. | Glenview, IL

Although the modifications you make now will be an investment, the benefits far outweigh the cost of paying for a retirement community later on – especially if your home mortgage is paid off. The most important reason to invest in your home now is to ensure that you are comfortable living in your own beloved home beyond retirement.

Consider the joy of being able to stay close to your friends, family, and neighbors. Imagine the ability to remain where you’re most comfortable – in your own home! Call Michael at (847) 291-6777 to begin your aging in place home renovations today!