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Age in Place: Home Renovation Solutions for Seniors

Home ownership brings the ultimate freedom. Over time, every house needs renovations. From kitchen appliances to water heaters, all homes need maintenance. For many senior citizens, living comfortably at home is hard to let go of. As people age, physical challenges can make it hard to get around the house. Instead of moving senior citizens out of their homes, a better solution is to remodel their existing home to accommodate their changing needs.

While a home remodel can cost thousands of dollars, it is often less expensive than senior living facilities. An entry level unit in an assisted living facility can start at $43,000 a year (see source). Whether you are looking to renovate for yourself or a loved one, senior citizen specific solutions are a fantastic alternative to leaving the home. See some of our suggestions below:

First Floor Master Bedroom

As seniors age, one of the hardest challenges is climbing up and down the stairs. As most suburban homes have second-story master bedrooms, a better solution for an aging adult is to move the bedroom downstairs. In fact, many of our senior citizens enjoy the benefits of the main-floor bedroom and bathroom. Currently, we are offering discounts specifically on senior citizen master bathrooms.

Expand Width of Doorways

Many homes are built with doorways 32 inches or more narrow. A great option is to expand the doorway in order to accommodate a wheelchair or other mobility device. All our team needs to do is to replace the existing frame, add insulation, drywall and paint. Additionally, some trim and electrical work may be needed.

Put grab bars in bathrooms

Often overlooked, the bathroom is a dangerous place for those with limited mobility. In fact, as motor control declines, activities that used to be routine can become a tremendous challenge. One of these tasks is showering. Installing heavy grab bars can help prevent falls related to slippery bathtub floors and shower stalls. Our team can work with an existing space, or even build a custom solution.

Adjust kitchen countertops

Standard kitchen counter tops stand roughly 34 inches high. A proactive approach for seniors includes installing cabinets and counter tops at 30 inches high. This minor adjustment can make it significantly easier for someone using a wheelchair or scooter to prepare food. Whether or not chair bound, a low counter top eliminates the risk of accidents.

Designing your senior home solution

Now that you have learned more about some advantages of remodeling, consulting Michael Gould is a great idea. Call Michael at (847) 291-6777 or email [email protected] to schedule a meeting!