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Planning Your Modern Kitchen Remodel

Innovative kitchen remodeling ideas and modern design trends make it an exciting and inspiring time to renovate your home. Be ahead of the curve on emerging trends and innovations as you get your kitchen ready for the holidays. Remodeling your kitchen is an investment in your current home to match your family’s changing needs, style preferences, and functionality. Choosing to update your kitchen is a win-win because you won’t have to move into a new home and leave beloved memories behind. Plus it’s more cost-effective!

Check out 2020’s projected modern design trends for your kitchen remodel…

Open Floor Arrangement and Fluidity

Modern designers search for a fluid sequence of rooms in an open floor plan, a composition that often includes neat and tidy kitchen, stylish dining, and an inviting living room arrangement which make it extremely suitable for multidimensional lifestyle. Function is key to configuring a space that combines people cooking, eating, and enjoying food together while allowing space for the family to be social. Aesthetically,the decor needs to be stylish, functional and minimalist. Today’s designers focus on furniture that is actually movable, agile and extremely tidy to accompany the kitchen without making a heavy impact.

An added bonus: Open floor space makes it easier for wheel chairs and walkers to navigate your home for aging in place.

New Materials

Frameless cabinets, horizontal lines and lack of ornamentation top the list of what defines modern kitchen style. Leaders in the industry such as Kohler, Kallista Plumbing and Thompon Traders are shining the way with manufacturing kitchen sinks that are dazzling bright metallics, hammered finishes, intricate details and gold! While the popularity of stainless appliances are changing, what’s keeping them alive is mixing metals for the handles and pulls. Imagine shiny brass knobs paired with brushed brass pulls against a sink with stainless fixtures… The same goes for brassy faucet sets in kitchens with stainless appliances, and so on. It’s all about an elegant design.

Stone Age Returns

It’s the time of strongly veined marble, the busier the better for unmissable luxury and next-level style. If there’s one thing that’s storming the style charts and shaking up interiors, it’s the return of marble. Many kitchens will feature all stone backsplashes and even shelves made of stone. Designers refer to this part of a trend as “seamless” design so the single material stretching from counter, up the wall and into the shelf can be stone or marble as easily as wood or tile. Marble out of your price range? No worries, while it looks like a natural stone, engineered quartz is more affordable and less prone to stains.

Planning Your Modern Kitchen Remodel - Michael Gould Architect Builders
Choose Colors that Make a Statement

Color enhances the design of every home by setting a “mood”, making a statement, and creating a certain energy. Whether you want to be bold, add visual interest, or make a few updates during your remodel, selecting stylish on-trend colors is an easy way to elevate the interior design of your home! Read our previous blog that goes into more detail about the color trends for 2020.

Less is More, Embrace Marie Kondo

“Since Marie Kondo’s 2011 publication of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which landed on the New York Times best-seller list after its 2014 publication in English, and January’s debut of her binge-worthy Netflix hit—“Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”—the Japanese decluttering expert has made it her mission to help people bring order to their homes and, ultimately, their lives and mental health. Ultimately, the goal is to own less and live in a more streamlined and organized environment. Kondo has said that by tidying, she believes individuals can transform their lives and more readily achieve their goals. That clarity in the physical environment, she explains, brings peace, mindfulness, and encourages people to live in the present rather than the past.”

Whether you plan to add just a few minor updates or want to completely remodel your existing kitchen, Michael Gould Architect Builders will help you analyze the space of your kitchen, find what style will express your personality and guide you in choosing the colors that best suit your family!
The modern kitchen is a space that combines functionality and design with a welcoming environment. It’s in this space that we explore new recipes, spend quality family time, and enjoy the holiday season together. Be sure to check out our blog post “The Benefits of Remodeling Your Home”!
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