Trending Colors to Redesign your Home for 2020 with Style!

2020’s Trending Colors to Redesign your Home with Style!

Color enhances the design of every home by setting a “mood”, making a statement, and creating a certain energy. Whether you want to be bold, add visual interest, or make a few updates during your remodel, selecting stylish on-trend colors is an easy way to elevate the interior design of your home! As 2020 approaches, we’re sharing the hottest colors that are predicted to dominate these next few seasons in a BIG way. Interested in upgrading your curtains, remodeling kitchen hardware, freshening up the guest bathroom, or designing an entire new addition? Learn how you can select the best color palettes for your home decor from the paint to the light fixtures to the furniture…

Warm Fall Tones

If you’ve always loved watching the tree’s leaves change color, we suggest you take a closer look this year to survey the exact shades that are trending for the fall. Selecting oranges, browns, tonal reds, purples, dark olive greens and grays is sure to add warmth and infuse your home with colors that reflect the changing landscape. “We love olive green because it’s so transformative. Place it with neutrals or have fun by pairing it with a bright saturated color for an energetic space!” Other trending earthy tones that surround the vibrant fall season include: smoky grey bonfires, off-white and brown s’mores, bright pumpkin patches, shiny green apples, warm red apple cider, and golden pies. Add a “wow” factor to your entryway by painting your front door a tonal red! These colors will translate well into the holiday season as you begin to plan your table decor for Thanksgiving…

Trending Colors to Redesign your Home for 2020 with Style! - Michael Gould Architect Builders

Cool Winter Shades

Bring in the New Year with a crisp winter palette! Throughout the winter season, there are a variety of festive colors that translate into paint choices, for example: rich reds and evergreens of Christmas, deep blues of Hanukkah, deep greens and sparkling gold of Kwanzaa. Other fun, festive places to draw color inspiration from are the metallic colors illuminated in Christmas lights and black & gold duo from New Year’s celebrations. Imagine choosing a color palette reflecting a woodsy cabin surrounded by snow – check out these shades of white to bring some snow into your home! Make sure your home is a cozy, well decorated spot for staying warm during Chicago winters and spending time with friends & family.

Trending Colors to Redesign your Home for 2020 with Style! - Michael Gould Architect Builders

Blossoming into 2020

A new year is the perfect time for a home makeover. It doesn’t matter if your home is 30+ years old or you just moved in last year, there’s always an opportunity for making changes. Are you bored of dull curtains, dim yellow lighting, and peeling wallpaper? Liven up your home by incorporating spring colors! Pale blues, inviting yellows and pastel pinks are sure to add a fresh feeling to any room. Consider adding colorful houseplants and curtains with wild flower patterns to refresh your home’s interior design. Spring is a chance to awaken your style senses by mixing in lively, happy colors to reflect nature coming back to life after our long winter! Breathe new energy back into your home with these projected trending colors for 2020. We’re especially loving the golden yellow, deep emerald, and saturated blue.

Trending Colors to Redesign your Home for 2020 with Style! - Michael Gould Architect Builders

Fun in the Sun

Looking ahead to summer of 2020, interior designers and homeowners alike are considering the ColorMix Forecast from Sherwin-Williams. This exciting resource provides several places to draw inspiration and build your color palette. If you’ve always wanted a beach-themed room, think about including lots of natural lighting, light blue on the walls, white dressers, and of course seashell decor to bring the beach vibes inside your home! “With softly muted neutrals that glide from warm to cool, it embraces all that is simple yet utterly essential.” Mixing in bright and rich tones are reminiscent of summertime fun and adventures, while also including beautiful hints of sunrises and sunsets. Create a soft energy paired with a feeling of relaxation; very welcoming in a bedroom, bathroom, or sunroom!

A great example of bright “under the sea” inspired color usage along with this year’s Patone’s Living Color is used in these decorative paintings below! “Though some may see coral as a difficult color to decorate with, it can actually be a very versatile and lively addition to nearly any room in your house.” Check out @oxfordone on Instagram for more bold design inspo!

Trending Colors to Redesign your Home for 2020 with Style! - Michael Gould Architect Builders

Using Color to Create a Mood

Different colors have been scientifically proven to affect our moods. They have the power to calm and relax, while others help us focus or even spark creativity. One soothing color that is projected to trend for 2020 is warm grey. In Illinois, the winters can feel long and sad, so selecting a happy, bright color is one way to shake off the winter blues!  Another idea to consider when selecting a color palette is choose inviting colors for public spaces and guest bedrooms. Find a color that is inviting for not just your family, but also guests. Inside the bedroom, colors should kindle joy and spark creativity, especially in children’s bedrooms. These unexpected color palettes for a children’s room are so vibrant and fun!

Trending Colors to Redesign your Home for 2020 with Style! - Michael Gould Architect Builders

Carefully Selecting Colors

An important aspect to understand when it comes to designing the interiors of your home is truly taking the time to look over a variety of color swatches and bring samples home – whether it be paint or a fabric. Testing the colors with lights on and off is a must! Lighting has a large effect on the difference in tones throughout the day. See what they look like in natural light vs artificial light. Also, color test different objects against the existing furniture that will be in the room to make sure they compliment each other well! Remember, you’re not alone in this process! Michael Gould is a powerful listener when it comes to understanding what his clients want, providing suggestions based on his years 30+ of expertise, and delivering exactly what the client desires.

Keeping Your Project Affordable 

Before you begin this exciting interior design adventure, decide how much you money you’re comfortable spending. If you’d like to start gradually, set your priorities in a timeline. For example, paint is an affordable way to upgrade your home’s aesthetic without breaking the bank – after painting you can then decide what’s next! Are you ready for new kitchen cabinets? Fresh bathroom tile? Creating a detailed plan for decorating the new home addition? Be sure to decide what is most important to you and your family and how much money is available for the project. When you hire Michael Gould to design your project and make it a reality, he will always stick to your budget AND deliver on time.

Do you already have colors in mind? Inspired to bring your home to life again? Experienced, reputable architect & builder Michael Gould is ready to assist you in implementing your interior design plans for 2020. Fact: Working with Michael will save you money because he directly manages contractors and third parties; thus there is no added cost! He also provides guaranteed on-site supervision on all aspects of projects so you can rest knowing your home is in good hands.
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