Begin Planning Your Spring Home Renovations This Fall! Michael Gould Architect Builder

Begin Planning Your Spring Home Renovations This Fall!

Considering renovating your home or adding an addition? You most likely want to get the project completed as quickly as possible. Fall is the best season to start planning. Why? So by the time spring rolls around, construction is ready to go!

Here are a few major reasons why you should begin planning your spring home renovations as soon as possible…

Winter Weather Slows Down Projects

Chicago weather changes dramatically by season. Since winter storms often have negative – and unpredictable – effects on construction timelines, work in our area slows down in the off-season and heats up during the warmer months. Starting construction early in the warm season helps reduce weather-related delays and gives builders more flexibility to get the job done on schedule.

The Collaborative Design Process Takes Time

Before construction breaks ground the spring, plans must be developed, finalized and approved! Starting the design process in the fall allows ample time for the architect to finalize the best, most cost-effective plan well before warm weather arrives. During this phase, the architect meets with the homeowners to gain a deep understanding of their needs; create and refine drawings, and finalize budgets.

Improve Workflow Efficiency

Construction projects require expertly orchestrating the workflow of various contractors and third-party vendors. When plans are finalized well in advance of the busy season, the builder has more options for scheduling the best contractors in the area to meet the demands of the timeline and client’s desires. During peak season, the availability of the contractors becomes more limited.

Permit Approval

Villages often stretch out the permit approval process. It may take up to several weeks to get your building permits approved, and even longer during the busy season. Submitting applications early on helps ensure that your permits are approved in time to begin working on your project when the warm weather arrives!

Beginning Your Project with Michael Gould

Architect Michael Gould has more than 30 years’ experience remodeling homes on the North Shore. He is known for getting projects done on time, and more often than not, ahead of time.
To discuss how Michael can help you start planning the home renovation or addition of your dreams, call (847) 291-6777 or email [email protected] to schedule a meeting!